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West Amity Stables
Deb Lafluer
The Barn Rats' Nest
Deb Lafluer

Head Barn Rat 


Teaching and Training Credentials:
    I have over 15 years of teaching and training experience.  I provide riders with solid basics in thier riding skills that enable them to work more effectively with thier horses.  I teach and train from a dressage philosophy with an emphasis on correctness in performance and harmony between horse and rider.
    I have trained under a variety of instructors and trainers including Bill Solyntes, Laura Fraser, Stuart Metcalf, Fred Kalper, Mary Schenck, Ulrich Schmidtzand, Marlene Schneider.  I competed successfully on the western WSCA circuit through my youth and early years.  Since then my training has focused more exclusively on Dressage and Combined Training. 
     I have a special fondness for kids and beginner riders.  I like to make riding productive, fun, and safe for my students.  I enjoy working with the competitive rider and have had many of my students and horses that I have trained recieve high honors in thier chosen discipline.  I can provide pony club and 4-h clinics at an affordable fee.  References available upon request.