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West Amity Stables

Upcoming Events

The Barn Rats' Nest
Deb Lafluer

Here are some of the dates that you should be aware of:

Quadrille Dates:
    -Wednesday August 11th and Thursday August 12th at the 4h show in Proctor
    - Saturday September 4 and/or Sunday September 5th at the Lake Superior Rodeo (Head of the Lakes Fairgrounds in Superior)
    - Saturday September 18th or Sunday September 19th at the NWDA fall schooling show in Iron River
    - T.B.A.   At an East High Football game
Mary Schenk Clinic:
   - August 7th and 8th
4-h Dates:
  - Monday August 2nd is Mock Show at the barn
  - Monday August 9th is the state qualifying horse show
  - Wednesday August 11th and Thursday August 12th is the fun show
  - Thursday August 5th at 5:30 PM there is a HPDC meeting in the Solway hall
NWDA Shows:
  -Saturday August 21st and Sunday August 22nd at Iron River
  -Saturday September 18th and Sunday September 19th at Iron River
Deb's Birthday:
  - August 18th