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West Amity Stables
The Barn Rats' Nest
Deb Lafluer

English and Western Riding Lessons

Instructor: Deb Lafluer (218)389-6766



Lesson Rates:
   -Private 1 hour                               $40.00
   -Private 45 minutes                        $35.00
   -Small Group (2-6 riders)               $25.00
   -Large Group (6 or more riders)    $15.00
   -Family discount available: 2 students per week= $5.00 discount  3 students per week = $10.00 discount
Training Rates:
   -Single 45 minute session           $20.00
   -Monthly training (30 days)          $375.00
   - Types of training include: western, english, dressage, jumping, green/starting and remedial


Required Equipment:
   If student is under 18, helmet and boots with a heel must be worn.  Long pants must be worn.  Wind pants or snow pants are not a good idea.  A signed release  form must be on file before the student's first lesson.
Cancellation Policy:
     Please give a 24 hour advance cancellation notice.  Student may be billed for the lesson otherwise.  Exceptions include sudden illness, family emergency, and school work demands.  Lessons will automatically be cancelled due to severe weather, temperatures below 0 degrees, or severe wind chills.